Dear Mick fans,

I've enjoyed all your attention and feedback on the life of Mick_23. I've run the blog for about 1.5 years now, creating 153 Micks.

Mick led quite a miserable life, trying to become famous again, coping with nasty colleagues, being exploited by ‘the company’ and of course his own perversions.

I myself am leading a happy life, although I found a good source for Micks cynical view in parts of it. LIFE CRUEL. Mick would say.

Lately I had no time, attention or inspiration for Mick. Partly because i'm too happy -happiness is a bore- ;-) partly because my design company needed my full attention (oh so busy!).

So now what? Leave you guys (800++) hanging?
Well yes, I'm afraid so ;-(

I'm working on some things, like a Mick_23 book, but that won't be a big sell. Besides that, I've started writing. I will perhaps start a new blog for that. But it's in Dutch (that's right, I'm from the Netherlands ;-) so it won't be that interesting for the most of you.

Once again, I thank you all deeply for your love, attention and feedback. It has helped me see I can entertain people, make them laugh, surprise them or make them think for a second with the things I do.

Moving people with design and storytelling: in the end that's what I'm here for.